Read/Write/Play: Interactive Fiction at the Story Sharing Web Conference




I recently gave a presentation on using Interactive Fiction for language learning at the 1st Story Sharing Web Conference, organised by the British Council, Turkey. The conference aimed to promote ways of getting language leaners and teachers more involved in the reading, writing and telling of stories – or in the conference organiser’s words, to:

“treat stories as they should be treated…That is to make students laugh, cry, get angry, be thrilled, be shocked, get inspired…Stories which enrich students’ experience of learning English both inside and outside the classroom.”

The term ‘Digital Storytelling’ appeared in many of the presentation titles -and if Interactive Fiction isn’t a form of Digital Storytelling – and possibly even THE FIRST form of digital storytelling, well then I don’t know what is!


Joe Pereira Storytelling Webconference 2013.001

Read/Write/Play: Digital game-based storytelling with Interactive Fiction


My presentation aimed to provide the participants with a quick overview of what IF is, it’s place in digital game-based learning, and why it can be used as a language learning tool. The presentation was done through the excellent Adobe Connect platform and the recording can be watched here.

You can download a PDF of the slides here.




Coincidentally, Alex Warren (creator of IF authoring software Quest) and Paul Sweeney, also gave a presentation on using IF as a storytelling tool, more specifically on the authoring of IF using Quest 5 (which I touch upon in my own session). You can check it out here.

Adam Simpson (who did an excellent job moderating my session BTW – in spite of some technical glitches) has posted his reflections on the proceedings at Teach Them English. More in-depth information on the speakers and the conference can be found here.

All in all, I think my session turned out well and the participants (from all over the world) were very kind. I just hope they try out some IF for themselves and give 9:05 a go with their students.

Maybe I need to go back to Turkey and give a few face-to-face training sessions to make sure they do🙂


About Joe Pereira

Joe Pereira is an English as a foreign language teacher in Portugal. He is interested in digital game-based learning, especially with Interactive Fiction.

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